Lowbrow Customs X Jason Jessee Signature Waffle Grips

Lowbrow Customs teamed up with the legendary Jason Jessee to design a pair of grips  and we got hold of a few last pairs!
Available in sets for 1 inch handlebars in 'natural gum' or 7/8 inch handlebars in black. 
These grips are made out of durable yet comfortable Krayton rubber for a lasting, unique look that matches classically styled motorcycles perfectly. Even the packaging rocks!

It is important to choose the proper size grips for your motorcycle!

Grips are available in 1 inch (the size needed for all Harley-Davidsons and other 'cruiser' style motorcycles) as well as 7/8 inch (common on many vintage British, European and Japanese motorcycles such as Triumph, Honda and Yamaha). Please note that any pair of motorcycle grips has two different inside diameters. The grip for the left side (as if you were sitting on the bike) of the handlebar has a smaller diameter, and the right side grip has a larger inside diameter to fit over your throttle tube. Grips are manufactured to have a tight fit, you don't want one sliding off while taking a corner or twisting the throttle! They are easy to install using a bit of WD-40 to help get them in place.


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