Rusty Silver Ring

The Rusty Silver ring.

With some slight alterations to the first three, proud to present you another unique Rusty silver ring!

An impressive piece of art made out of solid sterling silver. Rocking the shop mascotte Rusty the Magpie boldly on top in brass and Rusty Gold- and Amsterdam Escutcheons are mounted on the sides. Both also made out of solid brass.

This ring in typical ‘Mexican Souvenir’ style was made by our friend, the Amsterdam based silversmith Rob from Silverdawn. 

Rob casts the silver ring and the brass emblems by hand seperately before combining them. The complete ring is then furnished and partly polished to create a unique aged look.
We didn’t try so save a buck on hollowing the inside of this piece of art out, therefor this ring is no lightweight. It’s very well balanced though and has smooth edges, making it a comfortable ring to wear.
This ring is a unique piece (1 of 1) and available with an internal diameter of 21mm but it could be altered to the size of your choice. 
100% handmade so no two are alike, get yours now 👊 



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