Indiegogo crowdfunding for Rusty Gold, Succesfully funded, WINNING!

August 14, 2015

Short introduction

My name is Zoran Holtkamp, 35 years old, born and raised in Amsterdam and father to two beautiful kids.
I'm crazy in love with motorcycles for as long as I can remember.
For years it was my dream to turn my passion in my profession and now I'm taking the plunge. But I can't do it alone... Your support would help me tremendously.  


Rusty Gold?

So let me explain a little bit about where this idea came from. In 2012 the Dutch 'motorcycle scene' since it consisted merely out of outdated, narrow minded stereotypes and a lot of 'labels'. Or 'hokjes' as we Dutchies like to call them. We, my good friend and fellow motorcycle aficionado Lennard Schuurmans and I, decided to do something about it. 

Inspired by the international scenes like the ones from Japan and  the states, which were oozing with creativity, we came up with the first annual Rusty Gold Swap+Meet. 

The first Rusty Gold poster. Artwork by Lennard Schuurmans


With successful shows like 'Born Free' and the typical American swapmeets in the back of our minds, we organized this one day vintage- and custom motorcycle extravaganza in Amsterdam.

An event where everybody and every type of motorcycle is welcome. But no commerce and no entrance fees! A place to to talk, drink, eat, gaze at each others two wheeled creations and score some vintage parts (rusty gold).

We weren't alone in our desires for an event like this since thousands of motorcycle enthousiasts showed in the last four years. And it might be a coincidence, but the Dutch motorcycle scene is flourishing with creativity, now more than ever. 

A visual impression:




The MotorShop

The immediate succes of the swap+meet, the enthusiastic reactions and the hundreds of new friends i made through it. These things gave me so much positive energy that I decided to quit my day job in advertising and focus on my dream. 

My dream? A place where people like us can enjoy the open minded and creative vibe of the swap+meet. Only not just once a year, but all year long. A place to score some great stuff, vintage or new, but also a place to hang out with your friends whilst enjoying a cup of coffee. A dream called The Rusty Gold MotorShop.

The Rusty Gold MotorShop logo. The Magpie is known for 'collecting' nice and shiny stuff. Just like me ;-) The helmet refers to the motor part and the (stolen) spoon to the coffee. Artwork by Menze Kwint

Cool Gear

So yes, the Rusty Gold MotorShop will be a store. But one like no other. 

Carefully selected motorcycle lifestyle related clothing and accessories, from all over the world. Hard to find brands, magazines, books and art. And even a selection of cool vintage parts, in a vintage automotive inspired interior.

A store like this doesn't exist in Amsterdam nor the Netherlands. The only place else where you could find brands like this is online. But personally I like to have a close look before I buy something. I want to hold it, feel it, maybe even smell it and I want to try it on. Pretty hard to do that online.

Some of the confirmed brands are Iron and Resin, Eat Dust, Biltwell, El Solitario, Edwin, Vans, Roland Sands and loads more.


Rusty Gold MotorShop interior moodboard.
(All pics are borrowed from the net for inspirational use only. I'm not going to copy anything. If one of these pics is yours and you mind me using it, please let me know and I will remove it asap).  

Strong Coffee

Besides being a store, the Rusty Gold MotorShop will also serve a social aspect. Meeting up with your buddies before a ride-out, taking a pit-stop during, or just hang out and have a chat whilst enjoying a great Rusty Gold Coffee.

Yes I know. Amsterdam has hundreds of coffee bars in to choose from, why add another one? Well, because none of them are anything like the Rusty Gold MotorShop.

No 'soy decaf lattes with hazelnut syrup shots'. And sorry, but no glüten-free cheesecake with organic raspberries either. 

What you will get is a great tasting and  strong cup of Coffee. High quality but without any modern day mishmash and for an old fashioned price.


Inspirational moodboard of the Rusty Gold Coffee experience.
(All pics are borrowed from the net for inspirational use only. I'm not going to copy anything. If one of these pics is yours and you mind me using it, please let me know and I will remove it asap).